Plantagenet Street/Despenser Street


The widened footpath areas at the road end closures are in a poor state of repair and in need of resurfacing.  Improvements could include:

•         Resurfacing
•         Lowered kerbs for pedestrians and cyclists
•         Planters
•         Street Furniture

The aim is to start the works in the Autumn with completion by the end of the year. 


This project has been prioritised under the new Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme Programme.  The proposal was submitted by ward members to provide improvements to the road end closures to improve pedestrian and cycle access, with the aim to reduce anti-social behaviour including fly-tipping.

What’s Happening Now?

We have been working to develop initial design proposals to share with the local community in order that you may have the opportunity to comment before the scheme is fully designed and delivered. In particular, we are keen to hear from those who will be most directly affected by the planned improvements.






Plantagent Street / Despenser Street

Riverside Environmental Improvement Scheme

Riverside Environmental Improvement Scheme

Riverside Environmental Improvement Scheme