Ann Street Improvements


The Ann Street Project was prioritised for funding through the Neighbourhood Renewal Schemes Programme for 2014/15. This programme delivers regeneration projects all over the City.

The pedestrian route of Ann Street is located between 181 and 179 Cowbridge Road East and connects South Riverside to the district shopping centre of Cowbridge Road East. This project was prioritised due to this key route having a narrow footpath that was in poor condition, poor road surfaces and deteriorated road markings, as well as a lack of lighting and high incidences of crime and fly tipping.


The project has:

• Removed the level differences between the pavement and road through introducing a level surface that is pedestrian friendly
• Designed a scheme that reduced the opportunity for illegal parking by placing street furniture and signs to deter vehicles
• Installed additional lighting and upgraded existing lighting
• Resurfaced the road and repainted road markings and line markings for the residents parking bays in Wyndham Place
• Added drainage along Ann Street to prevent water pooling
• A new CCTV camera was installed to help people feel safe in the area at the request of local residents

The project did not seek to change existing parking arrangements in the area or look at changes to properties.


Our feedback survey of local residents, business and users of Ann Street found 95% of respondents felt the route was an improvement, with 95% agreeing it is now safer and more accessible.


Ann Street Proposals Map