Clarendon Road: Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme


A priority through the council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme programme.  It was put forward by local councilors in 2014 and funding was identified to improve the shopping parade and address some of the issues that local residents had about it.


Although Clarendon Road was always home to many valued shops, a number of problems were identified which the project hoped to address.

• Problems with parking
• Poor quality paving
• Stepped entrances into shops
• Poor quality road surface
• Low quality street furniture (bins, cycle stands etc)

What was proposed?

• New paving
• New, deeper parking bays
• Planting of street trees
• New road surface on Clarendon Road
• New street furniture
• Removal of stepped entrances into shops

April 2015

The project is now complete. The aim was to make Clarendon Road a safer, more attractive place for shoppers and traders which has been achieved. The new parking arrangements has made parking easier and ensured a clearer separation between the pedestrian parade in front of the shops, the parking area, and the highway.

Other improvements have made the street look more attractive for shoppers.  More bins, cycle stands and street trees compliment the new paving that has been laid in the main pedestrian parade. Road users will benefit from the resurfacing of the highway. The path linking Clarendon Road with Llanedeyrn has been enhanced with a more attractive entrance and substantial clearance of overgrown shrubbery.

We hope that many resident, traders and shoppers, will find Clarendon Road an easier and more welcome place to visit and shop.