Code of conduct: Alley gating key-holder responsibilities

The success of the gating scheme relies on key-holders ensuring the gates are properly secured after use. We ask that all key-holders follow some basic principles to ensure everyone can continue to access the lane and benefit from the security that they provide.

1. Please safeguard your key(s). Key-holders will be charged £10 per replacement key.

2. Be mindful of neighbouring properties – please open and close the gates quietly, and ensure they are secured properly after use.

3. Do not allow unauthorised access to the alley. Do not give or lend your key to any person who is not a resident of your property. If you move out of the property, please pass the key to the new owner or back to the landlord, as appropriate.

4. Please report any damage or repair issues related to the gates to the Council on 029 2087 2087 or online at  Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure the problem is addressed efficiently (eg. your address, location of affected gates, what the problem is).

5. Whilst gated, the lane remains an adopted highway and so must remain clear at all times for access:

  • Vehicles parked in the lane: It is a traffic offense to obstruct access to the highway and therefore vehicles should not be parked on the lane unattended. As with any lane, vehicles may need to be present for short periods to facilitate resident needs (for instance, contractors carrying out renovations, or businesses taking deliveries). In these cases a pragmatic approach should be taken (for instance are there other routes within the lane that can be temporarily utilised). However, Key-holders are encouraged to report any vehicles causing a persistent or permanent obstruction to the lane (or to the alley gates) to the police. Vehicles parked on areas with road markings (such as double yellow lines) can be reported to the Council.
  • Other obstructions: Residents are not permitted to place or erect any items in the lane (for instance scaffolding, skips etc) without prior agreement from the Highways Authority.
  • Fly-tipping / dumping: Key-holders are encouraged to report any issues of fly-tipping / dumping to the Council on 029 2087 2087 or online at  Any persons found dumping rubbish in the lane will be subject to enforcement action via a Fixed Penalty Notice and fine. 
  • General lane maintenance: issues such as overgrowth, weeds, blocked drains, surface conditions, etc can be reported to the Council on 029 2087 2087 or online at


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