Trowbridge Green



Cardiff Council will be making improvements to Trowbridge Green with the aim of making a better environment for people to live in. We consulted with local residents last year to find local priorities for the area. Highlighted during the consultation was.

  • Condition of the footpaths
  • Speed of vehicles 
  • Condition of property boundaries
  • Condition of the courtyards



In response to these concerns, plans have been designed to improve the area. These include:


• New front and rear property boundaries

• New front paths to properties including gates

• Upgrade of pedestrian pathways throughout the area

• Traffic calming measures to help reduce vehicle speed

• Courtyard improvements for the flats (including new surfacing, new bin stores, increased security and new provision for drying clothes)


The plans can be viewed by clicking on the image on the right.  

If have any comments you wish to make or have any questions, you can email or call us on the details below

What’s Happening Now?

Having shared design proposals with residents, a final scheme for implementation has been agreed. Private owners have been given the opportunity to participate in the scheme, and the deadline for this has now passed.  

Residents will be updated shortly regarding time-scales for the project. 

The scheme plans are available for you to view on this page.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact Chloe Jackson on or 07976 866304. You can also directly contact us directly by clicking here.