Wentloog Road Shops


Wentloog Road is home to a range of local shops and services which are valued by the community. The shopping parade was identified as an area which would benefit from environmental improvements.

A number of environmental problems were identified which the project sought to address:
• Car parking and congestion
• Uneven and poor quality pavements
• Stepped entrances into shops
• Condition of road surface
• Low quality street environment

The aim was to make Wentloog Road shopping parade a better, safer and more attractive place for shoppers, businesses and residents.

The improvement works have now been completed. These included

• New paving
• New, wider parking bay
• Introduction of a zebra pedestrian crossing
• Planting of  new street tree
• New road surface along part of Wentloog Road
• New cycle stands, bollards and litter bin
• Removal (where possible) of stepped entrances into shops.


Wentloog Road Consultation Boards

Detailed Plan