Alley Gating Questionnaire

Section 1: About the lane

Reference (as shown on the letter)
Your property address affected by the proposal *

Section 2: About you

Name *
Email address
Home address (if different) *

Section 3a: Properties adjoining the lane

This section will help us to understand how gating the lane might affect properties that adjoin the lane.
If your property does not adjoin the lane please leave blank and go to section 4.

Does your property directly adjoin the proposed gated area?

Interest in property
Type of property
Type of dwelling
Do you have access to your property via the lanes?
Is the lane your only means of access to your property?
If your property adjoins the gated lane you might be entitled to keys for access. Do you have concerns about operating the gates (for instance, any disabilities or personal circumstances that may make it difficult for you to open/close the gates that we need to consider)?

Section 3b: If your property is a commercial property please complete below

Type of business

Do customers require access via the lane to your business?
State any specific days and times where customer access is required

Section 4: About the proposed scheme

Do you have any concerns with how the gates might affect or interfere with access to and from your property?
Have you experienced or become aware of issues of crime and anti-social behaviour arising from the lane?
If you have, do you think gates will help reduce these issues?

Do you support the gating proposal in principle? *
Further comments