Trenchard Drive


Trenchard Drive in Llanishen has benefited from environmental regeneration as part of the estate regeneration strategy.


During consultation local residents raised concerns about:

• Poor quality roads in the estate.
• Pedestrian links within the estate were poor and missing, including dropped kerbs to assist people with pushchairs or mobility difficulties.
• Speeding cars in the estate.
• Parking pressures around the Iorwerth Jones Centre.
• Poor quality courtyards for the flats including drying facilities and bin stores.


The following key areas were improved:


• Purpose built bin stores;
• Drying facilities;
• Seating;
• New front boundary walls and railings and rear timber fencing.


• Enhanced parking area in Hannah Close with new street lighting and seating;
• Resurfacing of roads, new street lights and new speed humps;
• New pedestrian routes through the estate;
• New parking spaces along Trenchard Drive;

What are we doing to address these issues?

Following this exercise, we have identified the following key areas for improvement:

  • Courtyard improvements (construction of new bin stores, drying facilities and new boundaries);
  • Improving parking around the Iorwerth Jones Centre;
  • Resurfacing of roads;
  • Improve the pedestrian routes through the estate;
  • Traffic calming measure to reduce speeds.


Trenchard Drive Consultation Boards March 2015